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About DPCC


Overview of the Desautels Preparatory Case Competition           

Mission Statement:

“The goal of DPCC is to provide CEGEP students with a better understanding of not only what a business degree entails but also of our faculty’s excellence and the opportunities it provides.”

A. Registration

Registration is done online and is based on first-come first-served basis. Cost of the competition ($40) includes full day of activity, lunch, snacks provided throughout the day, and cocktail at the end. Registration is limited to 100 participants and the system will automatically close once all spots are filled.

B. Team Formation

Teams of five students from different schools will be formed. There will be an  attempt to match student profiles in order to create synergies throughout the case cracking period. It is as well a great opportunity to meet their potential future classmates! Twenty teams will be formed and divided into three groups, which will participate in the activities on a rotational basis.

C. Case Tutorial

This crash course in the art of cracking business cases is not only a required tool for students to win the competition, but also an asset that will serve them well in their future studies. It will allow participants to improve their problem-solving and analytical skills, create persuasive presentations, and reach the best business solutions through analyzing different alternatives.

D. Lunch Break

A lunch provided by the DPCC organizing committee.

E. Cracking the Case

Two hours will be given to students to crack the case. A Desautels Case Coach will be there to guide the students and answer any question they may have during the whole duration of the case crack. Coaches, however, will not be assisting the students with the preparation of the case directly as the team must come up with the actual solution.

a. Each team will be provided with:

  • A laptop for creating the Powerpoint-based presentations
  • Office supplies: pens, papers, highlighters and a USB key
  • Five copies of the case and the presentation evaluation criteria

b. What you can bring with you

  • Each team member is allowed to bring a translation dictionary
  •  No classroom handouts, personal notes, or internet access are allowed
  •  All items are subject to inspection

F. Presentations

Each team will present one after the other in their respective groups, and each group will
successively present. Every team will have the opportunity to sit in and listen to two other
presentations in addition to their own but only after presenting. Presentations are 15 minutes in duration with a 5-minute question and answer period. Judges, including faculty professors, alumni, and business leaders will be present to evaluate the teams and give expert feedback to students regarding their presentation skills.

G. Networking & Communication Activity

These activities are workshops that concentrate on communication skills and network. While the others are cracking the case or presenting, Course Counselors are going to introduce the participants to basic topics which students at Desautels learn about in management. These workshops demonstrate some of the different skills we work on during our years at Desautels.

H. Business Plan Proposal 

Each student will be given time to work individually on an innovative business idea, and write a quick business proposal that will be presented in front of their peers. The best business plan will be voted by the students themselves, who will be given “money” to “invest” in the most brilliant ideas. The proposal with the most investment will receive a lovely surprise!

J. Cocktail + Closing Ceremony

A cocktail will be provided at the closing ceremony of the event. Prizes will be given to the
winning teams, while students will be able to share their thoughts about the competition with the judges and McGill students. In addition, ambassadors will be present to answer any questions regarding McGill university application and student life.


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